Growing in You: Five steps to Grow in all things you

Hey there! Welcome back to another blog post and welcome to a brand-new decade! The holidays are officially over, sadly Christmas trees are being undecorated and trashed, and you can no longer use the Christmas holiday as an excuse to eat all your favorite sweets! So, what are we to do now? According to YouTube […]


The Hawaii Chronicles: #2 Finding the Aloha Spirit

Aloha! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! For ten days I immersed myself in all things beach, authentic Hawaiian cuisine, culture, and learning about the Aloha Spirit! Walking off the plane after touching down in Honolulu I had no idea of the massive imprint the island of Oahu would have on me! […]

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Wellness, Manifestation, and the in Between

Hello! Welcome back to another blog post!  A few days before I found out about Wellness Con, I had been doing research on manifestation. I’ve fallen and accepted the slight depression I’ve come into due to not knowing who I am as a person, which is an extremely condensed version. I’m trying to figure who […]