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YouTube in your 20’s

Hey there! Welcome back to a new blog post! Today’s blog post is all about YouTube and how it’s made an unexpected change as I’ve gotten older! When I was young and incredibly impressionable I turned to the one thing most kids don’t…books! Yep, I’d lose myself in fantasy worlds and slay all the dragons […]


The Hawaii Chronicles: #1 Airplane Essentials

Let the countdown begin! In exactly nine days I will be touching down in Oahu, Hawaii! No amount of frilly language can describe how enthusiastic I am! I can’t wait to immerse myself in the rich Hawaiian culture, hike to breathtaking views, and have one last expedition before the end of 2019! So, here’s a […]

Food: The Happy Herbivore

Halloween Candies for the Felicitous Foodie

I’ve been meat free for nearly seven years now, throughout the years I have been committed to finding ways to enjoy my favorite childhood treats without compromising my values and choices. Recently, some of my favorite sweet treats have been “ruined” for me due to ingredients like gelatin; which is made with the skin, cartilage, […]