Self Love

Leaving the Nest: A Bittersweet Goodbye

Welcome back! 

For all my old and new followers I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for reading my content over the years! It’s nearly been a year since I’ve posted live on this blog and I’ve come back with exciting news! I am officially logging off from The Freed Sparrow to embark on a path that best represents who I am now! I’ve created a new, brighter corner of the internet that replenishes my love of creating. I’d like to introduce my new passion project, Elle’s Existence! Over the past few months I’ve taken a step back from my writing to begin crafting the foundation I will build my brand on. I’ve grown tremendously since 2018 when I began this blog and recently I have wanted to expand with a platform that provides more creative autonomy. So, last year I began brainstorming what the future looked like when it came to this blog. I’m growing up and I think it’s time for a space that can support that growth no matter what it looks like. 

Elle’s Existence is a space that I hope will be a change to fully lean into the creative fluidity that I desperately wanted here. My goal is to create an environment of honesty instead of manufactured realness. To be able to have full control over what and when I post is important to me, and before I often compromised that desire for views. Posting becomes a burden instead of something fun to do; paired with an array of other things I’ve experienced debilitating stress trying to be someone I am not and the quality of this blog has suffered from that. On this platform, instead of blogging I will be providing more candid material centered around mental health and body neutrality, sharing more personal growth platforms, book reviews, and many more creative projects I will be pursuing in the future.

There is an entire world out there that I want to explore. I want to release the pressure off my shoulders and the voices in my head that tell me all the ways I will never succeed. There is no shame in outgrowing spaces because it means that I am ready to thrive. With that said, my new platform will be linked below and I hope you will join me in this new chapter! Be sure to look out for upcoming content and send me an email with your feedback before July 30, 2021 when The Freed Sparrow will officially be offline! Thank you all for joining me on this journey, even with the ups and downs I have gained so much wisdom from this platform and will continue to grow in the future! 

Website coming soon! Stay tuned and check out my Instagram for updates! 🌿


By The Freed Sparrow

Hi there! Welcome to The Freed Sparrow! I am a lifestyle and travel blog determined to spread body advocacy, sustainability, and the power of a positive voice! I am an aspiring children's and YA novelist, an adventure seeker by nature, and the biggest bookworm you'll ever meet!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy writing!

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