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My Finals Week Playlist: Freshman Year

By the time this semester is over I should have all these songs thoroughly memorized, don’t judge me. Let’s acquire a bit of context before we get started…Ya’girl is an official college student, which is honestly something I NEVER thought I’d actually commit too. But this year I decided to take the leap and so far I am absolutely loving it, especially with quarantine and camping out in the house with the rest of my family. When I get up in the morning it’s so nice to have some purpose, something to keep my brain moving constantly, and it’s built up my confidence so much since January. Should I write a full post about my college experience? Let me know in the comments on this post! Anyways…let’s get into the tunes.

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1. First things first…the albums:

Igor by Tyler the Creator (Explicit)

Yes, this seems entirely filled with chaotic energy, especially when you first hear Igor’s Theme, but fear not it gets better. The highs and lows of each song balance out perfectly, and for me a song that makes my foot tap while editing an essay really helps. Not to mention, there’s no falling asleep during a late night study session with Tyler the Creator wailing at different points of the album that I now look forward to every time.

3 by The Lumineers (Explicit)

Just a quick FYI, the title is in Roman numerals but sadly I lack the genius to figure out how the heck to write Roman numerals here. Anyways, this album feels like a conversation, and it’s pretty much the only thing I listened to when I was writing my novel. Don’t quote me on it, but I’m pretty sure their goal with the album was to talk about generational trauma and addiction. I highly recommend watching the music video “movie” that they created! I’ll link it below:

I give full credit to the band, The Lumineers and to the creator that uploaded this video via YouTube!

Everything is Beautiful by Princess Nokia (Explicit)

DIVINE. FEMININE. ENERGY! Period…Dudes this is just a solid album, in my opinion, I’m no music expert but what I do understand are feelings. The feeling that this album gives is just confidence galore! When I heard Princess Nokia for the first time I never thought I’d find a female rapper that empowered the women around her and one that found such an importance about keeping her music authentic. The two songs I’ve been shaking my little booty too are as followed: Green Eggs & Ham and Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T).

Blood Harmony by Finneas (Explicit)

Why didn’t I know about this album sooner? Yes, it’s kind of sad but his vocals in songs like Partners in Crime and Die Alone are so painfully beautiful. Now, I’ll usually listen to this while reading since it’s one of those albums that you can bop your head too without giving your full attention to it. Let me just say, I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen when you’ve got the time and your not studying, because the lyrics are actually really poetic. At first Finneas as an artist was super confusing because I couldn’t really put my finger on what his music was, but then I separated him from Billie Eilish in order to see him as an artist standing on alone. He writes these love songs that are actually heartfelt, instead of being another male artist who only writes about sex, drugs, and partying.

Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording-Explicit)

Excuse me, if you haven’t listened to this album we cannot be friends. I’m sorry but I am so dedicated to each and every one of these songs! My siblings and I have nearly memorized all the lyrics to songs like Alexander Hamilton and My Shot. It might be my greatest accomplishment….you know other than writing a whole-butt novel, surviving this pandemic, and my future kids! HA!

NEXT….the songs that have been on repeat:

Love Like This by Ben Rector

Broke by Samm Henshaw

Tomboy by Princess Nokia

Savage (feat.Beyonce) (Explicit) by Megan Thee Stallion

Alright (Explicit) by Kendrick Lamar

Warrior by Chloe x Halle

Bang! by AJR

Gravity Falls by L.Dre (Low-fi)

Married Life by L.Dre (Low-fi)

Adventure Time by L.Dre (Low-fi)

Monsters Inc by L.Dre (Low-fi)

Epa Wei by Danny Ocean

Relationship by Anthony Ramos

Brown Skin Girl by Blue Ivy (feat. Beyonce, Wizkid, Saint Jhn)

Alright babes, that’s all I got for ya’ll! I really hope you get to jam out to these sick tunes. Now, in regards to next Friday I will be more aware of my time since I am a few minutes past my deadline. Finally, I’ve got a question for you guys: What kind of content do you want to see next on my blog? Comment below or send me a message via Instagram or Twitter! I’ve got so many different ideas and I want to make sure that I am producing the best possible content for The Freed Sparrow, while also creating stuff that you guys want to read! Alrighty, catch you next Friday!!!

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