Quarantine Life: Social-distancing, Netflix, and the Future

Hey there everybody! Welcome back to another blog post!

In the last month life has completely been put into perspective for me; not only my emotional health but my physical as well and how paranoia is the friend of uncertainty. I’m sure all of you are aware of what I’m alluding too: COVID-19 also known as the coronavirus! Now, I won’t harp on the virus seeing how the horror of it running its course through humanity is constantly being broadcasted in our 24-hour news cycle. Not to mention, how our government is acting like their chickens with their heads cut off, running around trying to “help” the American people when it’s truly just a game of who can please the people in charge so they’ll put you at the top of the list. Governors and the American people shouldn’t have to kiss ass in order for their lives to be taken seriously, it’s disgusting. But that’s all besides the point, because in today’s post I’ll be giving you guys an update about recently going through a short but needed moment of growth, while simultaneously serving you all a look into my life in self isolation/quarantine!

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you the exact amount of time I’ve been in the house hanging out with my family. So far, I’ve made contact with my siblings, they seem like cool people! HA! That was a joke by the way, but in all seriousness my siblings are actually the coolest people! Anyway, I’d have to do a substantial amount of research to pin down the time in which we officially started self-quarantine, since we started awhile before the California governor made the call for a shelter-in-place. If you’re not already familiar, what that means is that you must quiet literally stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to leave your home. No, this doesn’t mean you can’t go out to get some basic groceries or even that you can’t exercise. But what it does mean is that instead of picking up minimal supplies on your grocery run try to overstock so you don’t have to leave as much (this does not mean you have to buy all the toilet paper, people! Trust me, toilet paper needs to be at the lower end of your worries.) Or if you so wish to go out and get that much needed cardio from binge-watching a Netflix series with leftover Girl Scout cookies just please be sure to practice health conscious actions like bring your own water bottle and most importantly practicing social distancing.

As for me I’ll be inside, because I’m not taking my chances. According to the CDC, 1 in 13 people have asthma which if you wanted to dive deeper is a little over 25 million Americans suffer from asthma on a daily basis. Here’s a little fact about me: I just so happen one of those 25 million who have asthma and have a hate/love relationship with spring because pollen sucks! It also doesn’t help that I’m not the only one in my family who deals with asthma, my little sister and Mom also know the struggle! And since the virus is known to infect the respiratory system it would be stupid of me to risk possibly contracting it and giving it to the rest of my family. Thus, putting them through pain no one should have to face. So I’ll be chilling out/working from home in my pjs!

Okay, let’s talk about how life has been staying at home! Other than looking out for my basic health triggers, luckily for my family quarantine hasn’t really affected us besides missing events that have been recently canceled. Please don’t think that I’m trying to sound boastful whatsoever, because I’m fully aware that we are blessed beyond measure and my heart hurts when I think of the growing number of people who are struggling as the effects of the virus ensues. However, it’s allowed my family the opportunity to step away from a life that caused us to move at the speed of light way too often. We’re forced to park it and oddly enough it’s been great so far. The number of things we’ve been able to get done in such a short time rather than letting it pile up on the endless to-do list makes me smile. My family is able to really start connecting with one another without the pressure of having to overcompensate for the lack of time. Before we’d all get to the end of the day barely holding on due to sheer, unfiltered exhaustion.

Now I’ve been filled with this odd productivity and I’m still trying to find out where exactly it came from! For example, I’ve been working on the second draft of my novel and I’ve gotten more done since we started self-quarantining then I have all year. I kept putting it off, restarting, and putting it off once again. I’ll be talking more about this in an upcoming blog post, but recently I’ve been going through a reasonably significant emotional change regarding my confidence, so stay tuned for that! But to give you a taste, my hindrance to finish something I’ve started always roots back to one thing: my confidence. Anyways, I’ve also been trying to improve my meditation practice and extend the time that I give to it. Now my intentions for my practices have been focusing on my breath and manifestation. There are a few important life goals and blog goals I’d like to achieve this year, and I want to send nothing but love and positivity toward my dreams to help them become my reality.

The real thing I should be doing is a regular workout courtesy of YouTube, but there’ll be time for that later! Let’s move on to the next activity that’s kept us sane, baking! So far our quarantine cookbook stores recipes like homemade lemon macrons (these tiny cookies took so long and weren’t as easy as I thought), a chocolate poke cake with whipped topping, strawberry sorbet, walnut brownies made from scratch, and a possible lemon pound cake in our future! Don’t worry, I’m making sure to eat my leafy greens to balance out all the sweets! With all this time in the kitchen there have been many laughs and quiet moments of serenity as my Mom, little sister, and I bond over something we all enjoy doing.

Speaking of my younger siblings and my Mom, let’s talk about what their up to in quarantine! The middle kid (my favorite), won’t admit how much of a little artist she’s become while not having any other responsibilities that don’t involve schoolwork. She’s usually kicking butt on the volleyball court, but with her fellow players in mind she’s chosen to wait until things settle down to get back in the game. Meantime, she’s been painting away on canvas and anything she can get her hands on as she has started to redecorate her room! And other than not being able to play with their friends my little brother and sister are loving the fact they can binge watch Spiderman and Steven Universe. My Mom on the other hand decided that she wanted to finally paint my little brother’s room after nearly two years of living in the same house and she finished it in a little over three days! Guys, you won’t believe how hyped I was to help paint! I’ve “helped” paint rooms in the past but have always given up halfway because I got frustrated and quit but not this time! I painting a room and it was awesome! Enough said!

Schooling hasn’t changed either which is probably the best part of this whole post and experience! I wish all the parents out there the best of luck acting as principle and substitute teacher, hang in there! I have to be honest with you guys though, my family and I just can’t help laughing at all the parents that are finally dealing with their kids on a daily basis. Not only do you have to parent, but you finally understand the difficulty of separating Mom vs Teacher or Dad vs Teacher. Don’t get offended that I’m giggling even now while writing this, because I’ve got skin in the game! My glorious mother, who has the patience of Job has been homeschooling for nearly sixteen years and we’re all still alive! Has she found it hard to separate Mom vs Teacher? Yes. Has she threatened to send us to public school at one point because we were acting like straight up jerks? Yes. Have we literally driven her and ourselves insane in the process? Absolutely! But she wouldn’t change the experience we had for the whole world, which is great because I awful when I think back at what a difficult student I was! Also, if you hear about a “perfect” homeschool family, you need to immediately assume that their lying! No homeschooling process is by any means perfect, and I commend anyone with the heart to do it because sometimes on the hard days that heart will stop you from going crazy! I just think it’s wild that for years homeschooling families have been dragged through shit and judged endlessly simply for having a different perspective on the education system. If we can all admit it isn’t working, then why are we wasting time and not fixing it? Isolation has been turned into a learning experience for my siblings rather than something to fear because they don’t understand. This is all thanks to my parents. They raise us already set on telling us the full truth as to what is going on in our lives and how it will affect us.

“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” -Socrates

With all that said, the final thing we’re going to be talking about is mental and emotion health. Let me preference by saying that I am not a professional on either of these subjects, these are only my opinions and things that I’m going through and how I’m working on them! Mentally, self-isolation like I said before has allowed me more time to truly focus on my mediation. Mediation for me is the ultimate stress reliever other than I hot bath with bubbles and essential oils. Every morning/afternoon I listen to a guided meditation, it helps me let go of what’s happening in my current situation, helps me give thanks for all my blessings, and has been a really nice added way of working on my focusing. With the news cycle running 24/7 hearing about all the bad can be totally overwhelming when you don’t have a way to let it all go. So, I mediate and do that exact thing! Another way I’ve been processing everything is focusing my energy into journaling more. Documenting a historical such as this proves to work for me when it comes to keep the strangely “normal” part of quarantine alive in my mind. Does anyone else find it mind-blowing that one day future generations will be reading about this pandemic in news articles, blog posts, and even journals? I’m trying to wrap my head around it as I’m writing this. My last thoughts go to all the people who have become a victim to this virus, I hope that they are able to find any kind of healing that falls into their lap and that those who are suffering find peace. Let this moment of uncertainty, loss, grief, and pain bring bundles of hope for humanity. When we fight as one then we can conquer anything that may divide us.

I want to know what all of you think about the virus and what it will mean for the future? How do you feel about the obvious environmental boost that planet has received as human foot traffic slows, and do you think it will last when this whole thing is over? We’re all at home, so let’s start a conversation!

That’s all I got for you guys this week! I wanted to thank everybody for tuning in! If your new here, welcome and thanks for checking out my blog! Next week, I’ll be publishing a list of different things you can do to occupy yourself that involve more than watching Netflix, which is about 50% of what I’ve been doing so more power to you! Anyway, I’d love to hear from you so be sure to like and comment if you’ve got any thoughts about the post or anything at all! Stay safe, wash your hands, and DRINK YOUR WATER! Until next Friday…

By The Freed Sparrow

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