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Hey there! Welcome back to a new blog post! Today’s blog post is all about YouTube and how it’s made an unexpected change as I’ve gotten older! When I was young and incredibly impressionable I turned to the one thing most kids don’t…books! Yep, I’d lose myself in fantasy worlds and slay all the dragons my little heart could handle, but it wasn’t until my freshman year of high school when I became “hypnotized” by the wonders of YouTube. Hypnotized might be a bit much since I really only used it for watching Coldplay music videos and baking recipes. It wasn’t until my sophomore year when I discovered what a YouTuber was and I entertained actually becoming one. Obviously…that didn’t happen and writing stories turned out to be more important than producing poorly filmed content on a crap camera! Nevertheless, YouTube grew up with me and now I’m watching content I never in a million years thought I’d be interested in when I was younger!

This is a list of all the creators I’ve been watching. I hope everyone enjoys today’s post, but if you’ve been on the hunt for a lot of vegan, sustainable content creators BE PREPARED, because I’ve got you covered! I’ll be sharing my favorite videos from each content creator, so if your interested please check them out! Enjoy!

1. Meghan Hughes

A quick note: Hey there! She has one of the best sustainable channels I’ve found so far! So if your into making the Earth a better place, I’d start with Meghan! Here’s her vlog channel & podcast:

Meghan Hughes Vlogs:
Souls At Sundown:

I love this channel! I could watch Meghan’s videos all day if I could! She’s got a super chill vlog channel and a podcast that is freaking amazing! Her channel is like a big sister/best friend that you can totally chill with on a Saturday with nothing to do. She has chats on sustainability, fashion, feminism, and body positivity. Not to mention Ducky & Peach (Meghan’s two adorable pigs) make the best cameos and make watching her vlogs ten times better!

If your into the more sexy, feminist, and doing away with toxic masculinity type chats, then Meghan has you covered too! She throws in music you can jam to while listening to genuinely entertaining and informative conversations in her podcast, Souls at Sundown. Souls at Sundown is available on numerous streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

2. Nathaniel Drew

A quick note: Of course, no one asked nor cares but this is one of my favorite videos from Nathaniel Drew! Like I’ve never related more to someone ever!

If you’re in the mood for a bit introspective/self-discovery content, then go check out Nathaniel Drew’s channel! He takes you along with him as he travels the world, while also keeping an account of his mental, emotional, and physical journey of self-reflection and mindfulness. One of the main topics on his channel is something he likes to call, “Slow-traveling.” Rather then spending a few weeks in a specific part of the world he relinquished any pressures and anxiety about seeing everything at once. Instead he’ll live in a part of a country for a drawn-out series of months to fully immersive himself in the culture, it’s language, and most importantly building a relationship with the local people around him. As of now, he is one of the few channels that I’ve found who share all the ups and downs of traveling around the world at a young age, the true cost of everything involved in it, and all he’s learned without turning his experience into a quick 10 minute highlight reel!

As someone who wants to travel the world sooner rather than later, it’s so refreshing to see someone who’s goal is to show you the reality of it all. Like I said before, his channel isn’t strictly related to travel…He also participates in pretty wild challenges, asks himself the same questions you’d think you’d be crazy to ask yourself, and just makes you feel as though all things are possible when you allow yourself the permission to do the impossible.

3. Amy Lee

Is there such thing as being casually swanky? If so, that’s Amy Lee’s channel in a whole! Her channel cover everything from fashion, wellness for your 20’s, and so much more! I’m a personal fan of her hauls, because I’m no fashion expert but your girl can dress well! I love her What I’m Wearing videos, and secretly wish to raid her closet!

4. Emily Lee

Not to be related to Amy Lee! Oddly, I didn’t realize they had the same last name until writing this blog post! I can’t give her enough compliments, she’s one of my favorites. If your into fashion, vegan recipes, self-care tips and tricks, and super affordable sustainability content then check out Emily Lee!

5. Wear I Live

How does one make living in New York City look like a dream, whilst denouncing all the people that claim it is? Again, Wear I Live is a vegan, sustainable, and thrift store loving channel. Her travel vlogs are aesthetically pleasing with drop gorgeous visuals. I love the honesty in her more vulnerable videos discussing different aspects of her life and only wish the best for her channel.

6. Hitomi Mochizuki

This channel makes you feel like golden hour looks! Beautiful, that’s it. Instead of fashion this channel focuses on meditation and genuinely electrifying travel videos that leaves you wishing you could get on a plane IMMEDIATELY! Her channel is soulful, filled with different tidbits of self-help, and somehow makes switching to a vegan lifestyle look absolutely delicious.

7. Chella Man

Adorable. That’s it, that’s my comment. Chella Man is an Asian, deaf, transgender, and genderqueer artist turned model/activist. I started watching Chella and MaryV a while ago not particularly looking for such a stylish and down-to-Earth couple who just so happened to be my age. Oddly enough, their video popped up in my recommendations list, which I often ignore because we all know Youtube recommends the dumbest videos sometimes! At the time I’d been interested in content focusing on ASL in hopes of learning the language someday, and that’s when I discovered Chella Man. Although their channel isn’t as consistent as most, their videos are still quality and that’s all that matters to me. Go check them out sometime!

8. Cup of jasmien

Now, I have never been more sad about my lack of artistic abilities more when I watch Cup of jasmien! Her channel follows her life as an art student in New York City with hints of popular content challenges that are all over YouTube. If your an artist, be sure to subscribe to participate in her Paint with Me videos, which is a live stream where you can connect with other artist, paint your own creations with her, or both!

9. Arden Rose

Wil Darbyshire channel:

I’ve been a fan of Arden Rose since the moment I truly started watching YouTube in my teenage years. She was actually one of the first YouTubers that I subscribed to and I’ve watched nearly all her videos. Again, we’ve got a slightly swankier big sister channel with your advice videos, makeup tutorials that dive deeper into the importance of skin care, a casual plant Mom, and travel content. She also dapples in a bit of film work with her boyfriend, William Darbyshire. William, also has a channel all about life in his 20’s that are incredibly beautiful and I highly recommend giving both of their channel a look!

10. Thoraya Maronesy

A quick note: Sorry ahead of time for all the tears you’ll most likely spill during this video!

This channel is my daily dose of restoration in humanity whenever I need it. I usually wait until they’ve uploaded a ton of videos because I usually binge-watch a great majority of them back-to-back. Once you start there is no stopping! I’m always either laughing my butt off or crying uncontrollably at the end of her heartfelt interviews with everyday strangers. I simply cannot get enough of her content!

11. For Harriet

For Harriet is a pop culture, film, play, and music commentary channel solely run by the thought provoking, Kimberly Foster. Her content seeks answers to questions that plague the black community, but through the eyes of someone that is apart of the community. She is extremely different from your everyday “commentary” channel that only uses their platform to express their subjective idea on topics rather than looking at all the facts. Often on YouTube, ranting is blanketed by the word commentary, but it refuses to give a spotlight to those discussing things that matter. For Harriet tackles black identity in a way that acknowledges that there is no single version of being black in America, and yet she shows that everyone is important in the spectrum.

12. The Skin Deep

I added this one because The Skin Deep project gives all kinds of relationships the opportunity to ask questions and start conversations they wouldn’t normally have in a welcoming and intimate environment. I’ve watched most of their videos and can’t speak enough praises.

13. Krist Soup

Check out her second channel:
krist & yu:

Krist’s videos are not just aesthetically pleasing, but I found her channel at nineteen at the perfect time! I was in search of goofy, genuine content creators! I’ve loved watching her channel grow throughout the years and I’m looking forward to her future videos as a recently married gal!

Well hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by The Freed Sparrow and reading my latest post! If your interested checkout some of my other posts and comment your thoughts! Also, swipe over to The Freed Sparrow Instagram to get a deeper look into my process, daily updates on all things new for the blog, and your daily dose of love and encouragement! Until next Friday stay safe, spread love, and I wish you all the very best!

By The Freed Sparrow

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Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy writing!

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