Dear January

Well hello there! Welcome to another blog post from The Freed Sparrow!

I hope that you’re doing well today, and that January has been a much-needed restart from the previous year. Today I wanted to take a minute to just write something candid and laid back, since it’s the end of the month and I’m always keen on not putting too much pressure on myself to always write for the blog with a solid outline. Usually, I plan what I’m going to write, but this year one of my goals is to expand the way in which I go about creating more personal content; rather then only writing posts that are straight forward and to the point. So, today’s post is going to be super causal as I fill you in on my January and what I’m looking forward too.

This month started off with a bang! I’ll be sure to expand on this with other posts and as time goes on but this year, I became an official college student! After years and years tossing around the subject, shying away from the subject, and avoiding talk of college at all cost…I finally decided to take the leap! I was scared out of my mind and anxious as ever about starting this chapter which may seem totally weird because I’m only twenty-one and to some going back to school shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but to be honest I almost dropped the class the night before just to find some relief. But I kept moving forward and soon all those years drowning in self-doubt about my academic abilities all turned to smoke! It was by no means easy but the whole experience wasn’t as difficult as I’d blown it up to be in the first place. Now, I’m planning on taking more classes and starting the process of obtaining a degree in a field that is perfect for me! Can you guess what it is? If anyone guessed journalism, you are officially my friend and welcome to the club!

The beginning of January was terrific until I was bombarded by a nasty cold that’d been passing through my house for about a week. Of course, it all started with my younger siblings, the two of them had caught it from one of those in-door playgrounds that they love but are unfortunately a germ breeding ground! Unbeknownst to everyone in my family, the flu was passing through households like wildfire! Who knew that our house would be next? After a few days of rest and my Mom the “medicine woman” filling them with homemade remedies that are sure to cure any cold within days they were finally feeling better! With the kiddos cured, all those germs decided to rent out me and my Mom’s healthy bodies for a miserably long couple of weeks, and I’m still getting over the congestion! Whatever it was completely ran me through the ringer and now I’m just happy to feel better.

As far as my emotional and mental health, things have been looking up. I started consistently mediating in the mornings with the occasional afternoon sit down just to take a minute to center myself. I found a wonderful five-minute mediation on YouTube that I’ve been using, plus a couple of sound bath videos! I realize how particular I’ve become with my mediation as it becomes more consistent and I’ve been able to find more content that aligns with my intention while executing it. When I’m perched in lotus position with my palms facing the sky to receive whatever I’m meant to, it’s then that I understand why I’m doing it in the first place. This year I set out with the intention of loosening my grip on life and my impulsive necessity to control everything in it. It’s as if I was holding my own life and dreams by the neck instead of letting my life flow freely. Now, I see how that may have blocked a plethora of blessings that could’ve come my way. Letting go of control in a healthy way mentally and emotionally this year has allowed me to confront my feelings deeper then how I had been confronting them beforehand. The feeling of not bringing up how I felt about things as a means of not wanting to seem, “too sensitive” or “immature” only put me in a place of feeling like the way of controlling my emotions was locking them way as a means of appearing like I’ve moved on. Even though I’m far beyond where I used to be there is an understanding that I’m still human. There are always going to be times where I’m not feeling like my best self and need to lean on my support system a little more. But there is also an understanding that I want to be strong enough that when someone needs me to be their support or someone to lean on that I can hold them up too. Whether you’re just feeling down or your going through the toughest time of your life; there should never be a point where you hold yourself back from emotional growth out of fear that you’ll be seen differently by those who love you.

I’m sure a lot of you have had the news on loop as mass media cycles through the latest heartbreaking news that has completely stunned the world. Losing someone that you cared about, looked up to, and felt like you’d known all your life in the most tragic of circumstances can take a toll on anyone. It’s certainly shocked my household to its core, since we all know what it’s like to lose someone. In the most heartfelt way, I can possibly express in these few words, I hope and pray that this tragedy gives people the gift of knowing how important it is to live a life serving others rather then themselves. We don’t need any more self-centered individuals in power who don’t comprehend the importance of creating a community that inspires others, rather then tearing the same community down for their own benefit. The pursuit and purpose of having power is not to boast your own desires but to lift the masses who wake up everyday wanting to be seen too. During this great loss I’ve seen both sides of the coin, and it shows how we as society are more divided in the race of who is right and wrong, rather then what we can do together. I had no idea that this would be how January of 2020 would end but as I’m sitting at my desk writing to you, I am not writing out of fear for the future. As always, I am determined to create a brighter future starting with me and I hope you are too.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for reading this post! Also, I’d like to take this time to welcome and thank all my new followers, who have chosen to join me on this crazy ride! Don’t forget to give this post a like if you so choose, and if you’d like to leave a comment I’d love to hear from you! Don’t be shy! See you next Friday!

By The Freed Sparrow

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