Favorite Ted Talks

Just over this past year I’ve fallen in love with three things: spoken word poetry, audiobooks, and Ted Talks. If you took a look at my unorganized folders on Youtube you’d find loads of talks given by people I admire and total strangers that I’ve never even heard of. I’ve learned so much about the lives of many people around the world I would’ve never know otherwise. It connects you, teaches you, and shows you that your not the only one with these questions and ideas. Here are a few of my favorites you should check out (I’ll leave a link below so you can give them a listen anytime).

1. The Magic of Not Giving a F*** / Sarah Knight

2. My Escape from North Korea/ Hyeonseo Lee

3. The Disarming Case to Act Right Now on Climate Change/ Greta Thunberg

4. Me Too is a movement, not a moment/ Tarana Burke

5. Have you met your soulmate?/ Ashley Clift-Jennings

6. The 5 People You Need to be Happy/ Stacey Flowers

7. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable/ Luvvie Ajayi

8. A woman’s fury holds lifetimes of wisdom/ Tracee Ellis Ross

9. The trauma of systematic racism is killing black women/ T.Morgan Dixon & Vanessa Garrison

10. A new standard of beauty/ Amber Starks

11. I Like Myself, America and You Can’t Stop Me/ Quinta Brunson

12. How do you define yourself?/ Lizzie Velasquez

13. The wait is sexy/ Yvonne Orji

This is The Freed Sparrow signing off! See you next Friday!

By The Freed Sparrow

Hi there! Welcome to The Freed Sparrow! I am a lifestyle and travel blog determined to spread body advocacy, sustainability, and the power of a positive voice! I am an aspiring children's and YA novelist, an adventure seeker by nature, and the biggest bookworm you'll ever meet!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy writing!

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