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Hello, there! Welcome to another blog post! I’ve recently gotten a few new followers and I’d like to start off by thanking you for joining the conversation! My name is The Freed Sparrow and my goal is to create a space for open dialogue about issues not wildly covered by the mass media, an outlet to share all I’ve learned throughout the journey of my life and have some fun along the way! I am an aspiring novelist and children’s book author with a fierce passion for blogging! So, that means I am constantly writing or better yet hunting for new ideas to share! I thrive most with music in the background as it not only keeps me focused but drowns out the noise of my bustling household. If your just like me or just looking for some new music to jam out too then this is for you!
All the following tunes can be found via YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes. I give full credit to the artist/artists who created the content! Enjoy!

Albums That Stole My Heart:

  1. Chillhop Daydreams 2 by Chillhop Music (1hr 35min)
  2. Tired Boy by Joey Pecoraro (21 min)
  3. Trench by Twenty-One Pilots (56:04min)
  4. Cleopatra by Lumineers (33:47min)
  5. CTRL by SZA (54: 44)
  6. Growing Pains by Alessia Cara (45:44)
  7. The Miseducation by Lauryn Hill (1hr 17min)
  8. Lo-fi Hip Hop Radio-Beats to relax/study to by Chilled Cow (24hr Live Audio)
  9. Igor by Tyler the Creator (39:43)
  10. Hamilton by Various Artist (Original Broadway Cast Recording)(2hr & 32min)
  11. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go by Billie Eilish (42:48)
  12. 3 by The Lumineers (37:47)
  13. Bloody Harmony by Finneas (23:15)
  14. Woah by Push Baby (21:08)

Songs That Have Stolen My Heart:

  1. Honeypie by Johnny Utah (2:30 min)
  2. Chinese New Year by SALES (3:07min)
  3. Buttercup by Jack Stauber (3:29 min)
  4. Second Wind by L’indecis (3:01 min)
  5. Mellow Skies by Hakaisu (3:27 min)
  6. Crush by Tessa Violet (4:18 min)
  7. Gloria by The Lumineers (3:44 min)
  8. Another Lifetime by NAO (3:31 min)
  9. Lemon Boy by Cavetown (4:33 min)
  10. Pork Soda by Glass Animals (4:16 min)
  11. Wait a Minute by Willow Smith (3:17 min)
  12. Out of my League by Fitz and the Tantrums (3:07 min)
  13. I’ll be okay by Michelle (3:31 min)
  14. Loved by You by Kirby (4:16 min)
  15. Orbit (Live from Air Studios) by NAO (3:55 min)
  16. Saturn by NAO (4:51 min)
  17. Chainsmoking by Jacob Banks (3:14 min)
  18. All of Us by Labrith (3:34 min)
  19. You Need to Calm Down by Taylor Swift (2:58 min)
  20. 5:32 by The Deli (2:18 min)
  21. Under Pressure by Queen ft. David Bowie (4:06 min)
  22. All My Love by Kirby (4:16 min)
  23. Don’t Touch My Hair by Solange Knowles (4:20 min)
  24. Truth Hurts by Lizzo (2:54 min)
  25. Juice by Lizzo (3:16 min)
  26. October by Alessia Cara (4:01 min)
  27. Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi (3:03 min)
  28. High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco (3:13 min)
  29. If the World was Ending by JPSaxe, Julia Michaels (3:28)
  30. Buttercup by Hippo Campus (3:46)
  31. See You Again by Tyler the Creator (3:00)
  32. I Lost A Friend by Finneas (3:57)
  33. came Here for Love (Acoustic) by Sigala & Ella Eyre (2:24)
  34. Nothing by Bruno Major (4:46)
  35. Motivation by Normani (3:16)
  36. Sunday Best by Surfaces (2:40)
  37. Melanin by Ciara (feat. Lupita Nyong’o, Ester Dean, City Girls, & LA LA) (4:30)
  38. Tonight You Belong To Me by Eddie Vedder and Cat Power (1:42)
  39. Atlas 2: Two by Sleeping At Last (4:20)
  40. Atlas 2: Three by Sleeping At Last (4:05)
  41. Vienna by Ben Platt (3:30)
  42. I Don’t Want to Watch the World End with Someone Else by Clinton Kane (3:05)
  43. Relationship by Anthony Ramos (2:58)
  44. Epa Wei by Danny Ocean (3:29)
  45. Bang! by AJR (2:47)
  46. Tomboy by Princess Nokia (3:34)
  47. Older by Ben Platt (3:40)
  48. Love Like This by Ben Rector (3:35)
  49. Broke by Samm Henshaw (3:29)
  50. Warrior by Chloe x Halle (4:02)
  51. Grow As We Go by Ben Platt (4:01)

By The Freed Sparrow

Hi there! Welcome to The Freed Sparrow! I am a lifestyle and travel blog determined to spread body advocacy, sustainability, and the power of a positive voice! I am an aspiring children's and YA novelist, an adventure seeker by nature, and the biggest bookworm you'll ever meet!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy writing!

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