If I could describe the month of March in one word, that word would be: wild. This month has not just given me a look into all that goes along with being an adult but the importance of allowing yourself the ability to step away when things get too hectic. A little over a week ago I uploaded a post telling those who follow me on Instagram that I would be taking a break off social media. Without getting into much detail I’d mentioned that my hopes in taking a break would hopefully help me take some time to really stop and smell the flowers. So far, it’s been wonderful and I am already beginning to feel a bit lighter!

Creativity has never been something that has come hard for me. My brain is constantly on a non-stop roller coaster with tons of loops and unexpected turns. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond grateful for the gift of creativity and the ability to make nothing into something. Sometimes always being on the move causes issues with the finished product down the line. This is a massive fear of mine. Sometimes it eats me alive when I’m not aware that it’s even sneaking up on me. It’s the idea that all that I’ve done leading up to this point in life has all been done upside down or backwards. As if all the people in my life who told me to go right were indeed right. That in a mad dash to be defiant and choosing to go left wasn’t the most effective decision. I’ve got this nightmare deep down in me that one day I’ll wake up in the wrong life but that there will be no way of escaping it because the road I was supposed to go down has been paved over and is unrecognizable. Taking this break is allowing me the opportunity to process all these thoughts in a healthy and productive way.

By the time this is posted March will be over and I will be in the same place looking forward to a moment of clarity and calm. Giving myself the permission to take a chance to stop and settle in whatever life has in store for me. Life is so unimaginably beautiful, but negativity can not only dim the beauty it has the power to completely snuff it out without you even noticing. Someone very close to me helps me realize this every day. March has indeed been a wildness of life lessons, but always, I will take in each lesson with open arms. Until next time, my friends! Remember to be kind, stay positive, and don’t be afraid to give yourself a break!

“Remember to stay positive, be kind, and love yourself.”

By The Freed Sparrow

Hi there! Welcome to The Freed Sparrow! I am a lifestyle and travel blog determined to spread body advocacy, sustainability, and the power of a positive voice! I am an aspiring children's and YA novelist, an adventure seeker by nature, and the biggest bookworm you'll ever meet!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy writing!

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