Solid Goals vs. Resolutions

Before my December vacation, I made a deal with myself to stall all writing until the New Year, so I was able to get a bit of a break creatively. This trick has worked in the past and has allowed me to produce my best creative work by giving all the wild ideas in my head a rest before diving deep into the New Year. But unfortunately, some old tricks don’t work like they used too. I was so blessed to have gone to one of the most creativity driven places in the world for my family vacation this year, DisneyWorld. For a few magical days, I was transformed back into a child, and the futile worries of adulthood melted away with each Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bar I ate.

So, how did this boost in creative energy help my writing hiatus? Like you may have guessed it didn’t. On my downtime, my head was spinning with new ideas and the topic of this weeks article sprung to mind! I try never to follow the crowd or the latest trends specifically when it comes to sharing my thoughts out of concern that my unique voice would start blending in with those around me, and soon I’d sound like everyone else. This week I have decided to focus on creating solid goals rather than flimsy resolutions. But first, we must ask the question: What is the difference between a goal and a resolution?

Resolution (n.): A firm decision to do or not to do something.

Goal (n.): The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Now after reading both definitions, your first thought is probably that both definitions, though similar are entirely different, which I’d agree upon. But I challenge you to look deeper with me into the slight differences. To some, it is seen as a tradition, and to others, it may be a way to keep track with previous decisions made beforehand, but we’re all guilty when it comes to creating new resolutions before the New Year rolls around. Do this classic resolutions sound familiar to anyone? “In the New Year I’m finally going to lose those extra 15 pounds!” or “In the New Year I’m finally going to follow my dreams and finish my book draft!” There is no shame in admitting to others the almost expected withering away of things hoped for when there is a brand new year to look forward too.

However, we all can admit that it isn’t the best feeling when we look back and realize we haven’t accomplished half of what we set out too. So why does this happen every year? I used to believe it was because as humans we tend to pile on so much that we forget midway why we started in the first place or we set out to do the most unrealistic things, and by the next New Years Eve we’re burnt out. Now, after taking the time to think about it and ask around my inner circle I feel as though I’ve come up with a solid opinion worth writing. Resolutions are all about creating aspirations that we hope to fulfill in the coming year. All while giving ourselves the leeway to decide whether it is or isn’t completed. It’s as if we are already accepting our defeat by the simple fact of allowing ourselves the choice to quit. Rather than keeping our heads held high through challenging moments, our sought after resolutions fizzle out.

In comparison, what I also came to realize is how creating goals rather than resolutions realistically make sense. Creating solid goals allows you to finish the said goal when it is meant to be completed, not when the clock strikes midnight. They’re an agreement with one’s self that even though you have the drive needed to accomplish said goal, there is still an understanding that the completion process may take longer than what was expected. For example, this year I set a goal to work on not allowing fear the power to control the things I love doing. Without getting into specifics, lately, I’ve let fear paralyze me into not creating the life I set out to live, but instead of continuing with this I chose to silence it. But just making a decision won’t stop fear from knocking at my door I must continue to work at it, no matter how long the process takes!

So, this year and the years to come, try to make solidly realistic goals that you feel as though you’re at the right time in life to accomplish. Remember, take it easy and try not to be so hard on yourself. Life is entirely too short to sit around stressed and worried about the future. So, take a breath and relax because you’ve got a life to live and goals to conquer!

By The Freed Sparrow

Hi there! Welcome to The Freed Sparrow! I am a lifestyle and travel blog determined to spread body advocacy, sustainability, and the power of a positive voice! I am an aspiring children's and YA novelist, an adventure seeker by nature, and the biggest bookworm you'll ever meet!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy writing!

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