Patience Fuels the Process

“Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet.” -Aristotle

In preparation for the New Year, I wanted to give a preview of The Freed Sparrow’s new ongoing New Years series! This series is called, 2019: The Year of You. In this series we’ll be tackling different topics such as creating goals vs unreliable resolution, concurring past fears, and loving the person you are in this moment without any hesitations. Together we will be uncovering the beauty and healing of jumping head first into a new way of thinking and all of the lessons that will be learned along the way.

Patience will be the first stop on our journey. Whether you’re an expert at patience or in the midst of learning how to have patience, this series is for you! Here are four simple ways to survive the process of patience and find the hidden happiness in it.

  1. Don’t forget why you started 

We set out to accomplish goals at the beginning of the year, and by next New Years Eve we expect to be the person we’ve always hoped to be. But it’s effortless to forget these goals in the months ahead. You’re blindsided as soon as you scroll through Instagram and are inherently shown the great highlight reels of people we’ll never know and things we never knew we wanted. Sometimes these hurdles can become personal. We’re shown our friends traveling the world, creating a successful business, and it can feel as though our life isn’t as great as we thought it was. So why try to be anything more if we can’t just skip to the fun part? The issue lies when we get caught up in others highlight reels that we forget how great our differences make us. If everyone’s life looked the same there would be no pure stream of creativity, and we’d only be a cardboard cutout of our friends. Individuality can be complicated if you forget why you started your journey in the first place.

2. Growth is not only inevidable, but necessary

Growth is the most necessary, ever-changing, challenging process of discovering yourself. But do you ever feel like you’ve stopped growing? Like you’ve reached the last level of an epic video game and now your stuck repeating the same thing trying to get a different outcome. This is the definition of insanity, and becoming stagnant can do one of two things for different people. It can either cause you to have low self-esteem and make you feel as though you’re losing track of your purpose. Or it can send you down a rabbit hole frenzy, and cause you to chase anything that seems good at the time with the idea of building yourself. But without taking the proper time to acknowledge your mental and emotional state in this place of stillness, there’s a chance that chasing every opportunity might not be the most effective way of growth.

No matter how we choose to face it, we’ve all got one goal: Figure out why and how we stopped growing. Luckily for you, there is a painless solution to the problem. The answer is simple: You never stopped growing! As humans we are always on the go; we’re always moving and pushing others out of the way to reach the top of the mountain. But the desire for instant gratification breeds little responsibility and deflects from the real satisfaction everyone is continually searching for. There is power in the process, but this said power is only accessed by those who are willing to work for it by going through all of the steps.

I was recently in a stagnant place in my life. Watching my fellow peers create the life they’ve always wanted to live or seeing them strive toward their goals made me feel small. It’s not that I didn’t have goals of my own to strive for it’s that I was focused on getting my results without doing the work. Especially at such a young age, there is such an unexplainable rush to reach the final destination, but I believe now that the real destination is the understanding that you must have the patience in knowing that all dreams don’t come without hard work. Patience is an arduous lesson that even the most successful people are still learning and that goes to show that even the most inspiring people always strive for better. If the people I look up to can have patience in the process, then so can I.

3. Friends that Encourage Together, Stay Together 

We all go through life at our own speeds and sometimes the people we’ve grown up with aren’t at the level of growth we’ve gotten accustomed too. It doesn’t mean that they’re invaluable or deserve to be shut out of our friend circle, but that we should actively try to find those who understand where we are in this moment of our life. You shouldn’t shrink your growth to make others comfortable. This also means that you should use your growth not to discourage those but inspire them to grow too.

Also just because your going through a growing period doesn’t mean you should do it alone! Surround yourself with people who not only encourage you but push you to do better in life. When you have a strong core of close friendships, you’re allowed and welcome to shed your worries and celebrate your triumphs with those who want nothing but happiness for you. Who knows, keeping true to yourself might help someone see that they can do the same thing.

4. Believe that you can do it 

Remember these three words: You are capable. Whether you write this down on a sticky note, make it a reminder on your phone, or say it to yourself in the mirror getting ready for your day. Memorize these words, whenever your feeling discouraged or those around you make you feel less than. By sticking to the path you were destined to walk you’ll show those who doubted you the reward of following your goals.  Patience and time are not friends, but you must not let the two of them get the best of you. Everyone grows in their own time and sometimes that means sticking it out for the long game. Your horizon will come someday, and when it does I hope that you enjoy it. Then after everything is said and done, you’ll look back and think about all the fun you had along the way. We’ve all got goals and dreams. We just have to harness the patience to see them through.

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By The Freed Sparrow

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